Cable Wrangler

This handy storage solution for cables keeps them organised and tangle free.

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Cable Wrangler - Black
Cable Wrangler - Black
Cable Wrangler - Green
Cable Wrangler - Black
Cable Wrangler - Green
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Colours Blue and Red are retired until further notice, however we still have stocks of Black and Green available.

The unique system with cords and bungee balls will hold weights up to 50 kg. Available in four colours, this strong, high density Polypropylene hanging tool will help keep your cables organised.

How It Works

Roll each cable up into a coil.   Loop a Bungee Ball around the coil and pull it through.   Insert the Bungee Ball into one of the 12 available slots on the Cable Wrangler.

Multitude Of Uses

Cable Wrangler  
  • Household Organisation
  • Christmas Lights
  • Construction Projects
  • Computers and IT
  • .. and anything else you can think of!