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  • Cable Wrangler
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  • Hearfones
  • Jammin' Johns
  • Microphome
  • Stage Ninja
  • Universal Acoustics
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Welcome to Universal Distribution.
Supplying niche audio brands to the professional audio community either direct to the customer via our on-line ordering system within this web site, or through our network of authorised re-sellers, but either way always with great customer service as our priority.

Our product portfolio includes the legendary Auratone Mix Cubes as used on some of the all time best selling albums such as Thriller and Highway to Hell, Room kits, Bass traps, panels, diffusers and isolation products by Universal Acoustics, one of the UK'S leading manufacturers of acoustic and soundproofing brands, Direct Sound Extreme isolation headphones and Fluid Audio, a leading US brand of great value active studio monitors and Interfaces plus their unique Strum Buddy portable guitar amp.
Amp RX

Power Regulation and Tone Control for Tube Amps
Direct Sound

Extreme Isolation Headphones

Vocal training tool
Universal Acoustics

Industrial grade Device clamps
Auratone Mix Cubes

Industry standard mix reference monitor
Entertainers Secret

Entertainer's Throat Relief Spray
Jammin' Johns

Guitar themed toilet seats.
Universal Acoustics

World Class Acoustic Treatment solutions
Cable Wrangler

Cable Management Tool
Fluid Audio

Active Monitors, Audio Interface, Strumbuddy
Microphome Sanitizer

Sanitising Spray for microphones and devices