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Cam-A-Lot Curve

Dual sided video conferencing privacy screen allows you to work from home and not have to worry about what your background environment.
Cam-A-Lot Screen
Cam-A-Lot Screen
Cam-A-Lot Screen
Cam-A-Lot Screen
Cam-A-Lot Screen
Cam-A-Lot Screen
Cam-A-Lot Screen
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Cam A Lot

With the innovative X-strap design, the award-winning Cam-A-Lot easily slides onto practically any chair back and completely blocks out your background. It’s dual sided - one side is white for a nice clean look, and the other side is green to either add a splash of color or if you want to actually use it as a green screen and project a virtual background on it. By using two pieces of fabric, practically no light bleeds through allowing for accurate chromakey-ing and use of virtual backgrounds.

At it’s widest the Cam-A-Lot Curve is 57-inches wide, at head-height, making it perfect to block out the view from your webcam’s lens. When not in use the Cam-A-Lot collapses and folds down to a much smaller 22-inch diameter and can be stored inside the included tote bag. This makes the Cam-A-Lot super portable so you can have your background privacy screen wherever you may find yourself working, gaming, streaming and video conferencing.

Cam-A-Lot Tips and Troubleshooting (pdf)

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