Soundproofing for studios

Room Kits

Universal Acoustics Solar Systems are specially configured acoustic treatment kits. They are designed to provide realistic and affordable acoustic absorption and reverberation control within most types of rooms and spaces. Examples include Project Studios, Post Production facilities, Home Theatres, Home Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, Boardrooms, Language Labs, and Reception areas - in fact virtually any environment that would benefit from professionally designed sound control.

  • Dramatic improvement to the audio integrity and sound definition
  • Includes an installation guide
  • Includes the appropriate quantity of Cosmic Fluid, specially formulated adhesive
  • Fire retardant

Work out what you need: Room Kit Calculator

Six competitively priced systems are available, according to the acoustic performance and visual impact required, of which all feature generous quantities of our uniquely styled thick-ridged Mercury Wedge Tiles and Mercury Bass Traps.

Room Kits Comparison

Room Kit Wedge
300 x 50mm
600 x 50mm
Bass Trap
Bass Trap
Space Mist
Pluto-1 24       1 2.20m² / 24ft²
Neptune-2   10   2 2 3.60m² / 39ft²
Neptune-3   20   4 2 7.20m² / 77.5ft²
Mercury-1 20   2   1 1.80m² / 20ft²
Mercury-2 40   4   2 3.60m² / 39ft²
Mercury-3   20   4 2 7.20m² / 77.5ft²
Mercury-4 20   2 4 3 12.60m² / 136ft²
Mercury-5     4 8 3 14.40m² / 155ft²
Mercury-6 40   4 8 5 18m² / 194ft²
Saturn-1 20   2   1  
Saturn-2 40   4   1  
Saturn-3   20   4 1  

Whichever room kit is chosen a dramatic improvement to the audio integrity and sound definition is guaranteed resulting in an altogether far less fatiguing and more comfortable acoustic environment. 

Each system includes an installation guide and the appropriate quantity of Cosmic Fluid, a specially formulated adhesive suitable for adhering acoustic foams to most surfaces and supplied in a convenient cartridge for easy application. 

As with all Universal Acoustics products, Solar System room treatment kits are designed and manufactured in the UK to high technical standards. With high NRC ratings and the relevant fire retardant specifications Universal Acoustics Solar Systems will provide years of service and outstanding performance both acoustically and visual.

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