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Calima Preamp

The most aggressive analog preamplifier in the range.

ex VAT£1,162.50
VAT: £232.50

Lava Preamp

Dedicated to those who pursue an organic sound, warm and with presence.

ex VAT£1,162.50
VAT: £232.50

Boreal FET Compressor MKII

Boreal FET Compressor MKII is the new analog version of Tierra Audio's fast FET Compressor.

ex VAT£1,245.83
VAT: £249.17

Gravity VCA Bus Compressor MKII

You will always want to have a Gravity VCA Bus Compressor within your grasp. This powerful stereo compressor is suited to all scenarios.

ex VAT£1,329.17
VAT: £265.83

Icicle Equalizer MKII

Powerful 4-band monoparametric equalizer. A versatile tool fit for every situation.

ex VAT£1,162.50
VAT: £232.50

Canyon 16 Summing Mixer MKII

Your audio will travel through separate circuits providing the desired analog color and a breathtaking dimension to your mix.

ex VAT£2,162.50
VAT: £432.50