Mercury Wedge MW300-50

Packs of 10 or 20 Tiles.

Further quantities available, see product details.
MW300-50 Mercury Wedge Charcoal
MW300-50 Mercury Wedge Charcoal
MW300-50 Mercury Wedge Blue
MW300-50 Mercury Wedge Burgundy
MW300-50 Mercury Wedge Purple
MW300-50 Mercury Wedge Red
MW300-50 Mercury Wedge White
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VAT: £10.00
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Product SKU: MW300-50


Universal Acoustics Wedges are designed to provide realistic and affordable acoustic absorption and reverberation control within most types of rooms and spaces. Examples include Project Studios, Post Production facilities, Home Theatres, Home Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, Boardrooms, Language Labs, and Reception areas - in fact virtually any environment that would benefit from professionally designed sound control.

  • Dramatic improvement to the audio integrity and sound definition
  • Fire retardant

Universal Acoustics Room Treatment Guide