Fluted Face Absorption Tile

The Jupiter wedge tile, with its fluted groove finish, offers a premium solution for room treatment, but maintains an attractive look. It has excellent absorption properties. If you are looking for absorption of mid and high frequencies but wish to use a tile with an interesting design, these are for you. Matching styles Jupiter Bass traps are available.
Universal Acoustics absorption tiles exclusively designed and manufactured to the very highest professional standard in the UK.

Cut in striking contemporary designs from high density Fire Retardant Polyester foam. Perfect for use in Recording and Broadcast Studios, Music Rehearsal Rooms, Audio and language labs, Boardrooms, offices, Staff rooms, Gymnasiums and any open spaces that require efficient sound absorption to improve the audio integrity and intelligibility plus the performance and dynamics of the room.

Universal Acoustics absorption tiles are easy to install on most surfaces using either Cosmic Fluid liquid adhesive or Space Mist adjustable nozzle spray adhesive. These can be glued directly to wall surfaces or ceilings or if preferred can be glued on to conveniently sized panels which may be hung or suspended as required. With this method they can be easily moved around or to a different location.

  • Dimensions - 600mm x 600mm x 100mm
  • Fire Retardant Polyester foam material
  • NRC: 86% average
  • Density: 28-32 kg/m3

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