Vocalist Production Pack Lite

Essential production pack for the Singer, Musician, Recording Engineer and Producer.
Vocalist Producer Kit
Vocalist Producer Kit
Vocalist Producer Kit
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Comprising the following Universal Acoustics professional recording components
Vocal-Screen Lite
A simple but effective Microphone Reflection Filter that can be stand mounted (stand not included) or flush positioned on a desk top to capture and provide a cleaner and more focused recording by reducing reverberation and reflections generated within the vocalist or musician’s environment. Compatible with a wide variety of microphones and ideal for recording Vocals, Speech, Voice-overs and Podcasts, the Vocal-Screen Lite is also particularly useful for close miking guitar amps, percussion, pianos and orchestral instruments and close capturing their pure tones and unique characteristics.

Vocal-Screen Lite Specifications
Single section dark Charcoal acoustic foam
Width 410mm, Height 332mm, Depth 308mm
Weight 800 g
25-28 kg/m3 Polyester acoustic foam . Fire Rating UL94HF1 or FMVSS302 Removable base mounted Metal stand adaptor – for 3/8” thread

Vibro-Pad Lite Monitor Isolators – Set of 4 Pads
Made from specially formulated, high load bearing foam, which makes them harder and denser than competing products. Each set includes 4 pads with individual levelling adjuster providing a 5° or 10° slope to angle the speaker up, down or flat for optimum listening position. Whichever position Vibro-Pads Lite are utilised we guarantee that your monitors will provide a noticeable sonic improvement and your recordings will sound more accurate and defined once the vibration and resonance has been removed.

MW300-50 Mercury Wedge – pack of 12 Charcoal tiles
Universal Acoustics Mercury Wedges measure 300x300mm and are 50mm thick, they are easy to install on most surfaces using Space Mist adjustable nozzle spray adhesive either glued directly to the wall or ceiling or to conveniently sized panels which can be hung or suspended allowing for easy re-positioning in the room to adjust the acoustics or re-deployment in a different location. Cut from high quality flame retardant polyester based foam to UL94 HFI specification with NRC ratings and Absorption characteristics performance based on 50mm thickness of 20 – 120% between 100Hz – 1kHz frequencies – NRC 86% average

Space Mist – single can
Is a fast drying & easy to use high strength adhesive which has good ageing characteristics. Especially developed for acoustic foam materials, and used with all our Solar System Room Kits, Space Mist is a high strength aerosol adhesive with the advantage of a variable spray width button.
Formulated to provide the perfect solution for mounting acoustic foam materials to virtually any type of substrate/material in a professional or domestic environment.